Professional Design Consultancy Services includes from Analyzing, Tabulating the Requirements of the Clients, Data Compilation, Conceptualizing, Schematic Design Proposals, Working Drawings, Tendering, Bill of Quantifying, Specification writing  including Project Supervision Services only as per the Architects Act 1972, Passed by the Parliament of India.

Accordingly the Standards Scope of Services, Standard Professional Fees for the various Stages of Works for the Projects in India.

Proportionately and comparatively up to mutual understanding and Finalization of the Professional Fees together with the Detail Project Programming, Scheduling, Pert-chart and the settled as Agreed upon.

The Scope o All Works, Amount of Fees Payable as per Schedule and Time Period to the Architects and their complete Associated Teams of Engineering Consultancy Services involve and as prescribed Professional fee structure, so mutually concluded and mutually decided upon.

Necessarily with Written Contracts and Agreement Standards as per Norms of the Local Government wherein the concerned Projects is to be launched and as laid down by Indian Institute of Architects Organization including Practicing Engineers Architects and Town Planners Association of India including Recognized Institutes Abroad all over the World.

Royal, Majestic, Creative, Composition, Compilation an Agglomeration of Art, Architecture, Interior & Landscape Designs, Urban Planning, P.M.C., Engineering or National and International aesthetic beauty, flavor, taste and fragrance for one and all, through out our Wonderful World so as to live our lives of contentment, satisfaction, desire, aspiration, achievements, sustainable and ever blooming happiness in unison with diversity, intellectual peace and prosperity that is all out reachable and everlasting!

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