The Prithvi Theater located in the heart of the city of Mumbai dedicated as a Memorial gift to the public in the name of the Late Prithviraj Kapoor, who had originally had in its very place the foremost Art & Drama Theater during his era.

A revolutionary Art and Drama Theater especially created and re-established as a revival master-piece in the city of Bollywood by the legendary family’s late Mr. & Shashi Kapoor and Mrs. Jennifer Kapoor.

One of the very successful Art Theater’s ever running in full capacity with most of the Indian and foreign talents dramatizing and demonstrating and exhibiting their most creative form of art keeping the age old traditional live feel in the middle of the audience that practically encircle the performing artists.

We had the good fortune to have been Associated with the then Architect of the Project : Shri V.P.Segan, one of the most renowned architects always in search of creative and novel design concepts.




Royal, Majestic, Creative, Composition, Compilation an Agglomeration of Art, Architecture, Interior & Landscape Designs, Urban Planning, P.M.C., Engineering or National and International aesthetic beauty, flavor, taste and fragrance for one and all, through out our Wonderful World so as to live our lives of contentment, satisfaction, desire, aspiration, achievements, sustainable and ever blooming happiness in unison with diversity, intellectual peace and prosperity that is all out reachable and everlasting!

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